If I was the principle for a week.

If I was a principle for a week, I would put together parties for the high school and middle school students. The parties would take place after school to avoid disturbing education/study time for the students. I would also help students make the changes they want in the school for the week.

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    • Thank you for liking my blog post. Being a principle might not be that fun unless you make it fun for you and everyone else.

  1. Dear Eddy,
    I really like how you wrote this about what you really feel. I also agree with you that if I were a principle I would have parties but, not disturb educations. If you were the principle would you give the students less homework and would you want to add any other cool classes to the school like cooking or something. I would have the students have less homework and I would make other classes like cooking and acting. Lastly, if you would like to know more about me please visit my blog at hannaroth3104.blogspot.com
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  2. Hi Eddy, I love this idea! If I went to your school I would never want to leave! Maybe the students can choose what they want the party to be themed. This could also be a good fundraiser for the school. Anyway, if you have any free time come check out my blog @ http://5522mikaeharno4604.blogspot.com/ .
    Have fun blogging!

  3. Hi Phillip,
    You seem like you would be a fun principle for a week! I would also maybe do the same things as you would do too! Come check out my blog at: sarenkabir0603.blogspot.com

  4. I agree with what you saidabout if you were a principle for a week. I think it’s fair for the students to have a part in the change for school.

  5. Nice blog! I would definitely do that too if I was the school principle for a week. Those parties would be so fun! Do you think the teachers would like having a party each day for a week? I don’t think they would like that because I think they would rather be teaching. If you get a chance go check out my blog! http://2022akb.edublogs.org

  6. Ah you misspelled principal! Anyways, interesting post. I feel like you would be a good principal yet it appears that you do not understand how a school works. Remember, a principal is not the foremost power, the school board is.

  7. Seems like a really good idea to let the students party more often, though letting them change the school, or at least influence how it would change would probably lead to a chaotic school, anyways, nice post. Also, where is the link to the image, I would like to know?

    The commenter 🙂

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