Quality Commenting

A good quality comment is a comment that states what someone did well in their work, what was not good and what it doesn’t contain and needs to contain. The comment does have to be written in a good manner in order to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings.

What I like the most

There are many things I like and that mostly make me happy to have or admire. Things I like do not have to be precious to others the same way they may be to me. Things I like do not have to be supernatural or cost a lot of money though costly objects are obviously good and useful for certain people in certain states. Things I like have to do with nature and what takes part in it. I like the cold winds of the sea, the grass in mountains and most of all humanity, because thats what we are made of and what we will always be.

I also like travelling to different lands to discover different styles of living and different types of cultures in the world and learn what people like and what they dream of for their lives and their countries and maybe teach them what I know of my culture. I also like friends cause they cheer you up when you need help or when you are lonely.